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About Customer Care

Acquiring a new customer is five times harder than retaining an existing one. Our inbound call center helps your customers in a friendly and efficient manner. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Everyone hates calling a customer service. Not so when they talk to AAC. We are the friendly voice helping your customers 24/7 efficiently. In short, we provide a customer experience that makes you proud.

You choose how far we go: do we just listen and do you take care of further arrangements? Or are you looking for an all-round partner, who takes over your customer service from A to Z? All options are possible! We will gladly send you a tailor-made proposal.


24/7 availability

+25 years of experience

Multilingual operators

Online agenda


Improve your inbound call center and your customer satisfaction together

Do you want more information about Customer Care? Or do you want to exchange ideas, no strings attached, about how we could improve your customer satisfaction? Make sure to contact us!

Continuous learning

The skill coach and his assistants guarantee a process of continuous learning. All our staff receive adequate and far-reaching training on arrival.

Our training programme is tailored to the needs of the newcomer. AAC always works with people with a lasting working relationship in mind. This means we plan for the long-term, and understand that some processes take more time to perfect.

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