Do the AAC test

Do you love helping people? Do you have the required skills to optimise customer experience or do you want to invest in learning these skills?

If this is the case, choose job security and complete the AAC test below. Based on 15 statements, it will tell if you have what it takes. Good luck and see you soon!

I really want to get away from a boring nine to five job.

I am flexible if the planning is available a few weeks in advance.

I am looking for a night job.

I have experience with inbound.

I quickly learn new technologies and programmes.

I don’t stop until the problem is solved.

I speak and write perfect Dutch.

I speak and write perfect French.

I speak and write acceptable English.

I speak and write acceptable German.

I appreciate the motto “the customer is always right”.

I don't shy away from challenges.

I am open to learning new things.

I like solving questions and problems in different sectors.

I help others immediately when they are in trouble.

1= totally disagree / 2= disagree / 3= neutral / 4= agree / 5= totally agree

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